Soooooo Mountain Park
Free thinkers. Community spirit. Stalwart defenders of our wildlife and way of life. Small town values not daunted by big city encroachment. Neighborly attitudes. Professional demeanors. Creativity. Wackiness. It’s soooooo Mountain Park.

From the “Yacht Club” at the pool to the Watershed Preservation Society, Mountain Park and its 500 or so residents represent a cross section of the best of living. As a site visitor, if you are a resident, dive in and participate within your online community. As a visitor, if you are not a resident, enjoy the website and dream of being one of us. Even though few of our 250 or so homes come up for sale, you can experience our community and all that’s soooooo Mountain Park online., launched in July 2005, brings new visions and features to our community. While the previous city site, originated in February 2002, served the purpose of government and community news dissemination, it did not offer lively interactivity. Explore the new site’s personality and watch it grow to even more of what you want!